The day I entered into a contract (yeepee!) is the day I saw my first gray hair.

I say white, coworkers & friends & classmates say gray.

I literally was in shock-mode for an hour. Could not work nor concentrate on anything else.

Buying a home suddenly didn't matter anymore (and of course it came back and was like a reality hit when the agent said the sellers provided a counter-offer while I was in class, the class that's taught by my Chair/boss).

I couldn't help - no control of whatsoever, suddenly teared up while at work, school, right in front of coworkers/friends/classmates (hard to distinguish them apart when your friends work at the same department with you and go to the same classes as you do). I cried for a good 15 minutes or so. Stopped. Sat in front of a chair and stared at the computer screen for another good 30 minutes or so and then gave another 15 minutes of crying out loud (music was loud too, thank goodness I have an office and the four walls were ok to hold my gasps and sobs).


At the begining of the day, I signed a bunch of paperworks. Cried at noon.

At the end of the day, I signed one last paper. Marie's (agent) last email of the night was: "congratulations, you're officially under contract."



The day I signed myself up for a home is the day my hair showed gray. Holy smokes. Guess it is a sign I am really old enough to get a "home."


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