big let down.





7 years of the same thing over and over, same disappointment and boredom and stupidity.


Any "memorial day" is "a day that celebrates a year has gone by" - yes and no.

Yes, it's a day for celebration. A day of celebration of things that have happened between a year ago and today, not just a day you say "we celebrate." Celebrate what? If you can't even name one thing that deserves celebration for, don't use those words and ruin the meaning of it. It just proves how much of a dick you are.

No, it does not simply mean a year has gone by. You don't just recognize the last year, you recognize all years and every single freaking day before it. It's a "memorial day" because it represents a day, a person, a thing, an event, or whatever that you think is special. No one can just claim any day to be a special day if it has no meanings other than "it's a day that has been repeated since last year." A year has gone by "again" - "again???" you state it like a closure. 

People remember their special day because it truly means something to them. You don't just forget about this day for 364 days and suddenly remember it on the 365th day and say it's a day for celebration. People don't need to be reminded for this day, remeber it without force, the date is inked to their heart and they have no way to forget it, and constantly think of this day especially when the day is approaching.

"Other people have said the same things as you just did so I understand now" does not justify your actions and words from before. You don't just receive automatic forgiveness for suddenly agreeing with what I say because you read something from a peer-reviewed journal - it just proves my words have no credibility and no meanings to you.

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