it's so huge and so suffocating.

how long will this last?

congrats, hugs, laughs, joyful tears to others when they go through this stage of life,

but a "no, [smile], we'll see" with a shattered heart whenever it's popped up to my face.

Family. Your family. My family. Two families.


It's 5:17. Sun is almost up. Still can't fall asleep. 

Saw some shocking news on Instagram. Well, I guess it's not so shocking anymore.

I'm happy for her, sad for him, also very jealous of her.

I wish I can say those simple words too. Take the same picture, post it on Instagram.

Do the things all happy girls do.

Dance in the rain. Plan parties. Girls talk 'till we all fall asleep.

Do what normal people do. Stop living in a lie.

I hate secrets.

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