what the fuck?!

so I "just got my new lenses a little less than 2 weeks ago" and that 40 something looking DMV guy did not let me pass my eye exam. he says I gotta have a perfect 20/40 vision or he can't let me pass. whaaaaaat?! I bet not all of them (who work at the DMV) have the so called "perfect vision." 


Anyways, so I was "referred" to a walmart vision center.....and paid $49 for an eye exam (my parents are gonna go nuts when they hear this) and $68 for my Hard Candy new pair of glasses (frame) and another $60 for an upgrade to UV protected lenses. Ugh


even my eye doctor said that was strange, for not passing an eye exam with corrected glasses. 

but then, the doctor asked where I got my 2 weeks old lenses and I said Taiwan, and then he told me it's pretty common for Asian countries to have lenses be "underprescribed" <----huh?! I swear I really didn't know.

my eye doctor said its just what "they practice there, their ideology is that by underprescribing lenses, the eyes, in theory, should feel less pressured especially when working long hours which happens a lot in Asian countries." and that "western countries tend to do the opposite because the belief is that one should be able to see as clear as possible." 

hmm....personally, I have no comment regarding the above, I just want my license to be renewed!


新眼鏡是Hard Candy家的 有點銅咖啡色 算細框 stainless steel 很輕 

下星期三才能領, o my driver's license又要延後了.


不過我本來想找一般黑粗框的 想不要跟原先的粗框差太多 可是現場粗框雖然很多  但都不適合我 且我很需要的那個"nose thingy" (don't really know what its called...)現場選擇超少



財神爺 plz come back to me :'(

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