• Oct 12 Thu 2006 00:52
  • ???

is it really the right thing to do?
why am i so confused? what is it that im so scared of?
everyone keeps on saying that everything'll be fine,
that there's nothing needs to be worried of.
right.....everything'll be fine...everything will...
but why do i feel so alone still?
why do i keep feeling this unknown emptiness thats like
speading over my entire body as the day goes?
am i just weird? like some of my friends have described,
or am i really just thinking too much?
overwhelming. i need a break. escape. from myself.
friends, are nice. good friends, are great.
best friends, are the best.
but why is he never there? why am i always the one that comforts him
and then being left alone when i needed someone?
why is she always on the computer?
why is she always on the phone?
why do i have to keep smiling at them? who am i lying to?
what am i doing in this freaking small utah state?????
who am i trying to impress? what is going on with me?
what is with all these questions that are spinning around in my head???
maybe i should go to bed now.
mid term tomorrow.
one answer for maybe one question on tuesday.
one reason for me to sleep.
but no reason for me to rest. or maybe i should say, no way to escape.
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  • sarakoo1
  • 噗= =<br />
    看ㄌ前兩句,後面就。。。<br />
    再說他的事麻?<br />
    呵~<br />
    其實是好事啊!別那ㄇ煩,一直把自己鎖在以前ㄉ記憶,不好ㄚ<br />
    要跳出來,也許他匯給你不同ㄉ快樂呢?<br />
    不試試怎ㄇ知道?<br />
    我有mic呀!!cc~下次可以聊天唱歌喲!<br />
    cc~~<br />
    期待你ㄇ低結局喲!!<br />